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About Us

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Are you tired of:

Coconut Bay Construction Inc. Showroom
Coconut Bay Construction Showroom
  1. Being disappointed by the work ethic of contractors?
  2. Poor quality workmanship?
  3. Unreliable service?

We have some good news for you!

Coconut Bay Construction, Inc. is a construction company built by craftsmen, which is locally owned and operated and dedicated to high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.
Twenty years ago, our company’s founder, Matt Krupka, established this same idea in Ohio. He applied the hardworking, midwest style work ethic to this simple idea: High quality work, reliable service, honor your word, show up on time, all for a fair price.

And guess what…. IT WORKED!!!


When Matt and his family moved to Fort Myers many years ago, he brought his strong belief in this philosophy with him. Coconut Bay Construction, Inc. is a company that consists of employees and strong business relationships that share the same belief in this philosophy.
Headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida, Coconut Bay Construction, Inc. can help you with any building or remodeling project. Our management staff alone brings you over 100 years of construction and remodeling experience.  All skills and trades are represented in the Coconut Bay family of professional craftsmen. No job is too big or too small…and every job is considered equally important to us, because it is important to you!

Why Choose Coconut Bay Construction?

Coconut Bay Construction President Matt Krupka
Coconut Bay Construction President Matt Krupka

Probably the biggest thing that separates Coconut Bay Construction from all of the other construction companies in the area is our quality. Our attention to detail throughout the entire project is our biggest strength.

It starts with the protective steps we take at the start of a project. Little things like covering our customer’s floors with protective sheeting. Then the setting of temporary plastic walls that allows access with a zipper doorway to the work area and helps to contain the dust to a small area. These are just a few examples of the many steps that require attention to detail. We pay special attention to each.

At each point of a project we apply a quality view to give our customers the most professional outcome for their project.

Each of our craftsmen has had years and years of experience in their field and we are well-known in our area as the finest trim carpenters and finish detailers around.

When detail and quality matter there is only one choice, Coconut Bay Construction!

Call Us For Any & All Of Your Construction Needs Today at 239-945-6288